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With a passion for personal finance and goal setting, I will be your guide as we create a plan, reduce your financial stress and make your dreams a reality. Fourteen years ago after shoveling another round of snow and slush, I vowed that someday I would spend a winter in the Caribbean. Up until then, I was grateful to be able to afford an annual one-week trip to somewhere warm where I indulged my love of snorkeling, photographing the reefs and wildlife, and doing my part for the environment. Deciding to take this big leap required me to leave my good job and to commit, what I considered, a lot of money. There was no trust fund, no family money, no big paycheck, just a strong desire to do something I had only dreamed about. It required determination, a steady resolve, and supportive friends and family.  But most of all, I needed to get laser-focused on my financial life, reduce debt, and set up a spending and saving plan.  Once I committed to these goals, my confidence grew. I was now operating from a place of knowledge and clarity. I had a plan and I worked it. I paid my house and car off, my savings were automated and my retirement plan was growing. Two years later I spent the winter in the Caribbean and the snorkeling was great. More on that soon!

I am an AFC® – an accredited financial counselor –  having met the “rigorous and comprehensive educational, examination, experiential and ethical requirements of the designation” and a proud member of the AFCPE – Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education – the organization that accredits financial counselors and coaches. The coursework included counseling, personal finance, retirement planning, and debt management. As an active member in networks of money coaches and counselors, I keep up to date on best practices and tools.

I also have an extensive background in finance with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I have more than 25 years in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors helping businesses navigate challenges and improve efficiencies and outcomes.  Having worked closely with employees to understand and select benefits including medical, 401k, and more, it became clear that many would gain from personal financial coaching. 

Now, what about you? What is your winter in the Caribbean? What do you dare to dream of once you have your financial peace of mind? I would be honored to help you realize your dreams. As it happened, my three-month tour turned into almost three years! 

We can do this together!

Client Testimonials

I’ve always struggled with a little bit of fear about money. Do I have enough? Am I spending what I have wisely? Am I protecting what I have? How do I grow what I have – better yet can I grow it? Will I have enough to retire? It’s exhausting! Working with Susan I’m learning not only how to manage my finances, but to think about money differently and stop being afraid. She’s helping me build a whole new skill set that’s going to allow me to fearlessly take a good hard look, and manage and plan so my dreams for the future have a good chance of coming true! Thanks Susan. . .I look forward to our continued journey together.

Sally Turner

Barrington, RI

Susan has a special gift when it comes to working with people and their finances! She helped me become financially fit personally by showing me how to track my spending and pay debt faster. Years later, she helped me to strategize my business operations which reduced expenses and increased profits.  If you need help with your finances I highly recommend Susan and Mind Your Money “

Lisa Cournoyer Mongeau

Owner, BodySoul Inspired Personal Training, LLC

” Susan is our financial coach and we really like her! With her warm and encouraging approach, she takes away our intimidation and makes it rewarding for us to look at the numbers together – something we had been avoiding as a couple for years out of groundless worries! It feels great to be gaining a clear picture of where we are at and to be getting well organized financially, in a way that replaces worry with clarity. Susan is so great and you’ll never feel less than awesome about where you are starting from!

Jen Long

Providence, RI

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