Living Paycheck to Purpose SM 
Financial Empowerment Program

We want your employees to think big about their financial life goals and to see their paycheck as the fuel for financial success.

Our Unique Approach

The Living Paycheck to Purpose Program is designed to take 8 – 15 employees through the financial coaching process. Employees begin by creating their personal vision of financial success and participate in discussion and activities pertaining to goal setting, budgeting, savings, debt reduction, investing and building wealth.

How Our Program Works

Dynamic Activities

We’ve tossed out the PowerPoint presentations and ditched the lecture model to focus on individual and group discussions and activities that will help employees enhance their thoughts and behaviors around money management.

Key Activities Include:

One-on-one Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching for participants as an enhancement to our program. Employees receive personalized attention to maximize their ability to achieve their financial goals.

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