Frequently Asked Questions

Financial coaching, or money coaching, is really personal training for your financial well-being, instead of your physical well-being. The same way a personal trainer works with you to understand your current health and goals, creates a plan to reach those goals, puts the plan into practice and keeps you accountable, a financial coach does the same resulting in improved financial well-being. Wonderful, right?

It’s no secret that one key to improving our financial well-being involves spending less and saving more.  Yet few have the training, knowledge and self-discipline to do it. And it’s not your fault. Many studies show we are hard-wired to spend! With my money coaching, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence to know that you are on the right track – no more second-guessing yourself. I have the education, knowledge and personal experience to share. We will do this together!

Absolutely! I have experience in for-profit and not-for-profit institutions working with senior management and boards. I love to collaborate to help businesses succeed! Please book a convenient time for us to discuss your business. No obligation!

You are a good candidate if you are motivated and are willing to put in the work.    If you have a deep desire to connect with your financial life, are open to receiving feedback and willing to consider new ways of managing your money, you are a good candidate!  Ideally, couples should be willing to work together to ensure positive results. 

This is a joint effort between client and coach and success depends largely on the clients’ commitment to the plan. There is no need for a money back guarantee –  the intention is that you will save money or increase income based on our work together. More than enough to pay for the coaching!

I will…..

Be honest with you
Keep current of best practices
Be prepared
Be available
Be on time
Do my absolute best to meet your needs

Be open to changing habits that keep you from reaching your goals!

Be prepared with information and documents and/or decisions previously discussed

Take responsibility for the plans and goals decided

Be on time

Contact your coach as necessary! 


I know that financial worry diminishes joy in our lives and can be relieved. My clients have seen their financial position improve, net worth increase, debt decrease and they rest easy knowing that they are on the right path. Having a plan and a guide, or accountability partner, is key to making changes that last. I am living proof that a steady focus on your finances improves your well-being. My credentials include:

  • AFC® – an Accredited Financial Counselor certified through the AFCPE.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • More than twenty-five years helping businesses navigate challenges and improve efficiencies and outcomes. 
  • Active in network of money coaches and counselors keeping up to date on best practices and tools.

Coaching provides education and encouragement and best practices of personal finance with the understanding that the coach does not give legal, tax or advice on specific investments. I do not sell insurance or any investment products. 

Absolutely! This can be discussed during your free 30-minute introductory call. Or just send me an email detailing your specific needs. Pricing and schedule will be determined.

Recent workshops include best financial practices for recent grads, preparing for retirement, and connecting with your money and finding clarity and confidence.  Let’s co-create and customize a specific workshop for your members or staff! 

Click on the Book Consultation Call below and then complete the short questionnaire you will receive. We’ll talk and then agree on a coaching package or a customized schedule. Your first payment will be processed and you’ll be on your way to financial well-being. You have only your financial stress to lose!

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