It's Not Your Fault

Over-spending, avoiding financial decisions, an inability to save, anxiety around money.  Do any of these apply to you? Whether you are not sure how you’ll pay the rent this month or can’t bear to look at your portfolio  – the psychology is the same. And I have some good news. It’s really not your fault.

It is, however, your responsibility.

Brad Klontz, Psy.D and Ted Klontz, Ph.D write about money disorders in their book, Mind Over MoneyMost of us already know what to do; spend less than we make, save money for the future, be smart about big buying decisions, get help when we need it.  Then why don’t we? Why are we so anxious about money and at such a loss to address it we bury our heads and hope nagging questions and bills will go away?

The answer is that it is all in our heads.  For starters, turns out we are hard-wired for instant gratification. We want it now! That’s why saving for the future is so hard. It’s no wonder that Amazon Prime is the behemoth it is.

In this book, the father and son team tackle financial enabling, money avoidance, money worshipping, over spending and under spending – yes, that’s a thing! Reading this book is a great start to understanding behavior around money. When you are ready to change your relationship with money having an accountability partner has proven very successful. A financial coach, a counselor or a therapist is someone who has your best interests at heart; with no biases, nothing to sell – simply support, education and encouragement.

It’s not your fault. Start the journey and take responsibility. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is when you take one step at a time!

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