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The recent Mind Your Money workshop at the Hope Library was a lively presentation highlighted with PowerPoint visuals and perfectly coordinated handouts. Susan’s expertise in the topic was obvious. The audience was engaged and questions, comments, and discussion were encouraged. Participants found the evening so valuable they requested further workshops with even more time to share ideas!

Linda Weremay

Hope Library

As someone with an accounting background, I didn’t want to admit that I was doing a poor job ‘minding my money’. I took Susan up on her initial meeting just to prove to myself that I was doing OK. I was not doing OK. Throughout our engagement Susan never made me feel like I was a failure; she listened and guided me in the areas where I needed help, and firmly nudged me into better behavior. These decisions put me on a path to achieve my financial goals, and completely changed how I look at my personal financial situation. Thank you for everything, Susan!

Janice Phelps

October 2020

I have had the pleasure of seeing Susan present firsthand on concepts related to financial wellness, literacy, and empowerment and she is a breath of fresh air! She takes complex, overwhelming subject matter and distills it in such a powerful way that her clients and audience can strengthen their relationship with finances. Susan has an incredibly people-centric and empathetic way of working with others, allowing her to build a trust and rapport that allows her clients and audiences to really synthesize her teachings. Supportive, knowledgeable, encouraging and industry-leading are all words that come to mind in describing Susan!

Carrie Majewski

Communications Leader, Strategist, Change Champion

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